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The Street Name is mandatory when searching for a property by address. If you wish to browse by Street Name only, it may take a while to display the result of the search.

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Your roll number can be found in the upper right hand corner of your latest Tax Bill. When looking up records below, please disregard the first (2) digits on your Tax Bill, ie 05-00-0-000-00000-0000.

With Property Information Search you can access information about any property in the City of Mississauga 24/7. Interested in finding out what the zoning is of a property you are interested in purchasing? Curious about whether a building permit, minor variance, or development application has been submitted?

If you know the property address you can access the following information:
  • Property legal description and lot area
  • Zoning designation
  • Ward number and Councilor
  • Building permit activity
  • Development application activity such as site plan and rezoning applications
  • Committee of Adjustment applications
  • Heritage status
  • Maps and aerial photo
Once you have identified the zoning designation of a property, you can access the City's Interactive Zoning By-law for further research.
The City of Mississauga is committed to protecting personal information. All information shown herein has been deemed as public information. No personal information is displayed. Please refer the to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy below.
Every effort is made to ensure that the information contained herein is correct but the City of Mississauga accepts no responsibility for any errors, omissions, inaccuracies, delays in data updates to underlying systems, or any changes to the status of the property.

The information displayed does not constitute an opinion or advice, or representation by, the City of Mississauga of the lawfulness of the use of the property or the buildings thereon, nor compliance with any applicable laws, codes, and regulations. Other regulatory authorities may impose restrictions or conditions on the development of or construction upon the subject property (e.g. conservation authority, Ministry of the Environment). This report is not to be taken as a representation as to the restrictions or requirements that may be imposed on the subject property by these other regulatory authorities.
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