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Plan and Build Help

The articles listed below provide  information regarding the online services that are provided by the Planning and and Building Department.

Featured Articles
Read More About My Properties
My Properties is much more that just a bookmarking feature. Read more about how this feature can help you to manage your properties and track application submissions.
Read More About Scheduling Inspections
Schedule inspections on issued permits yourself 24/7. You can request an inspection at your convenience. Read more about how to schedule an inspection.
Read More About View Property/Tax Information
The City of Mississauga is pleased to provide residents and clients with access a vast amount of property data. Read more about the data being displayed.
Read More About Tax Certificates
Lawyers, Solicitors, and Law Clerks can request, purchase and obtain a Property Tax Certificate online. Read how to purchase a Tax Certificate.
Read More About Enter Development Application Comments
This feature is available for public agencies that are required to comment on Development applications. Conditions can be centralized for applicants through this feature.
Read More About Departmental Reports
The Planning and Buidling produces a number of statistical and information reports for the public.
Read More About Compliance Reports
This article contains important information about this online service. This article contains a complete step by step procedure as how to receive a Compliance Report. Even more information is available in our User Manual. You can click on the User Manual link to download a PDF version of the document. We can also mail you a hardcopy upon request.
Read More About My Applications
Read more about how best to manage your applications through the My Applications feature. Learn how to access this feature to check status and receive email notification of status change.
Read More About View Building Permit App Status
This article contains important information that tells you about terms of use and data currency. The article also gives you instructions on how to best use this feature.
Read More About Development Application Status
This article contains important information about how to use the View Development Application Status feature. There is also important information about the limitations and currency of the data being displayed.
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