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Managing Applications Manual
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Click on the link below to access our manual for managing your applications online through eCity. Learn how to use the MY APPLICATIONS feature to track and receive email notification of changes in application status.
  Managing Applications - My Applications
My Properties
Access all your Properties in one place by adding a property to your My Properties profile.

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My Applications

My Applications is your best way to track your applications from the time your application is received until final inspection sign off. You can toggle between Building Permit Applications and Development Applications. You can also REMOVE applications and unsubscribe from NOTIFY ME whenever you wish.

Please visit the Plan and Build Help page to read more about My Applications. If you have any questions or concerns, you will find a contact link on this page.

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My Applications
Access all your applications in one place by adding applications to your My Applications profile.

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Read more about how best to manage your applications through the My Applications feature. Learn how to access this feature to check status and receive email notification of status change.
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