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Portable Sign Permits

This service will be discontinued at 11:59pm on September 24th, 2020. Portable sign applications will be transferred to our other online permitting system, ePlans. For more information call 905 615 4311.


eSigns is an online service that expedites the submission of applications, review and issuance of sign permits for portable signs in the City of Mississauga. A portable signs is a sign that is not permanently affixed to the ground and designed in such a manner as to be capable of being moved from place to place but does not include a sidewalk sign, banner signs or inflatable sign.

Registered users will be able to:

  • Obtain availability information regarding delineated portable signs sites located on private property and road allowances.

  • Submit sign permit applications to display portable signs at delineated sites located on private property.

  • Obtain sign permits to display portable signs at delineated sites located on city road allowances

Sign Permits to display portable signs on private property are applied for online, but not issued online.

Once an application has been submitted through the online portal, the following documents must be presented at the Building Permit Counter, located on the 3rd floor, 300 City Centre Drive, OR by email to within 2 business days:

1.  A copy of the Electronic Submission Receipt.

2.  Written consent and authorization from the owner of the premises on which the sign is to be erected for the days applied for.

3.  Two (2) copies of fully detailed and dimensioned site plan drawings showing the distance from the sign to the nearest streeline, sidewalk, driveway and portable sign in accordance with Section 23 of By-law 54-2002, as amended.

Ensure your information is complete and accurate prior to submitting your application online. Application fees are non-refundable.

To become a registered user visit our online registration page.  

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Portable Sign Permit Application

Please select the type of land on which you would like to display the sign:

Designated locations on private property that businesses and property owners located on the property may use to display a sign.

Designated sites located on road allowances that defined groups or organizations can use.