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This feature allows you to view the status and conditions of your Development Application. Once the assigned Planner has coordinated all the first submission comments, you will receive an Application Status Report along with a Access ID. This information will allow you to access your application conditions online. Instructions on use can be found in the Managing Applications Manual, featured on this page.

If you intend to return to monitor your application status you should take advantage of the 'My Applications' feature to bookmark the application so that you do not have to re enter the Application number and WEBID each time. To do this you can either look up the application and click on the 'Add to My Applications' link or select the My Applications feature from the Online Services menu. You can also subscribe to the Notify Me feature within My Applications to receive e mails upon application activity status changes.

If you have lost your WEBID or require information about obtaining a WEBID, please give us a call at 905-896-5511.  Questions about any application related comments should be directed to the Planner assigned to your application.

When looking up your Application Status, only include the actual number portion. You do not need to include the application type or year in the Application # box. For example, your full application identification may be SP 08 9999. You only need to include the 9999 portion in the Application # box.

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