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Our Vision for the Future
Mississauga will inspire the world as a dynamic and beautiful global
city for creativity and innovation, with vibrant, safe and connected communities; where we celebrate the rich diversity of our cultures, our historic villages, Lake Ontario and the Credit River valley.
A place where people choose to be.

Deciphering the symbols
The Strategic Plan is our municipality's highest level policy document, created to shape and direct strategic decision-making for our city. Drawing on the Drivers for Change, City Council, advisory groups, City staff and the community developed the Vision Statement and five Strategic Pillars for Change.

Every action that the City has committed to is organized under one of the Pillars for Change, represented by a symbol. Each Pillar has its own unique direction statement and principle, along with specific strategic goals to ensure the vision is achieved. Therefore, each Pillar includes:

Direction: Principle: Strategic Goals: Action Plan:
A vision of what the ideal future looks like for the City. Statement of values derived from the vision. What we aim to achieve. The Strategic Goals translate into specific actions - the Action Plan. Actions, indicators, targets and funding approaches for each Strategic Pillar for change.

The Strategic Plan is a roadmap, guiding our vision for the future - a plan to get us from where we are today to where we want to be as a city.

Here are Mississauga's Strategic Pillars for Change:


Direction Our Future Mississauga is a city where people can get around without an automobile, and where transit will directly influence and shape the form of the city. Transit will be a desirable choice that connects people to destinations, and will underpin an environmentally responsible, inclusive, vibrant and successful city.

Principle Mississauga is a city that values clean air and healthy lifestyles through the promotion of transit as a preferred, affordable and accessible choice.

Strategic Goals

Develop Environmental Responsibility - to contribute to environmental responsibility by reducing private automobile use and developing compact mixed-use development.

Connect our City - to contribute to a vibrant, successful city by connecting communities within Mississauga and within the Greater Golden Horseshoe to support a 24-hour city.

Build a Reliable and Convenient System - to make transit a faster and more affordable alternative to the automobile, one that is frequent, clean, safe, reliable and convenient, with a transit stop within walking distance of every home and an intricate web of higher order transit.

Increase Transportation Capacity - to add capacity to the transportation system through strategic investments in transit, additional links in the street network and active mobility choices.

Direct Growth - to direct growth by supporting transit-oriented development policies and deliberate civic actions.


  Direction Our Future Mississauga is a city where people can spend their entire lives - where teenagers want to be; where young professionals choose to locate; where immigrants are welcomed and their cultures become a visible part of the city's fabric; and where people can age in place gracefully.

Principle Mississauga is a city that thrives on its social and cultural diversity.

Strategic Goals

Ensure Affordability and Accessibility - to provide a range of affordable and accessible housing, transit and service options.

Support Aging in Place - to provide alternative housing types, designs and tenures in each neighbourhood.

Attract and Retain Youth - to create opportunities for enterprise, cultural and artistic destinations and expression.

Attract Post-Secondary Institutions - to be an internationally recognized centre of higher learning, with a range of post-secondary educational opportunities.

Nurture Diverse Cultures - to provide more cultural exchange, understanding and opportunity for small-scale entrepreneurialism.

Integrate Places of Religious Assembly - to build upon the synergies of places of religious assembly to create complete communities where cultural diversity can become reflected in the physical form of the city.



Direction Our Future Mississauga is a beautiful, sustainable city with safe neighbourhoods that support a strong, connected and vibrant community - a place where all can live, work and prosper. People can play as a child, walk to meet a friend, fall in love, raise a family and grow old.

Principle Mississauga is a city that nurtures a unique quality of life within each neighbourhood, where residents value the beauty and variety of the natural environment, engage in active transportation and support a rich, healthy and prosperous social and cultural mosaic through all stages of the life cycle.

Strategic Goals

Develop Walkable, Connected Neighbourhoods - to develop compact, mixed-use neighbourhoods that will give residents the ability to engage safely in all aspects of their everyday lives, within walking distance and easy access. Evaluate all development and infrastructure projects against a test of "pedestrian-first."

Build Vibrant Communities - to link urban areas and neighbourhoods that offer commercial, social, artistic, cultural, civic and recreational experiences accessible to all.

Create Great Public Spaces - to provide opportunities for every-one to enjoy great parks, plazas and unique natural environments.

Celebrate our Community - to promote our past, take pride in our diversity, get excited about the future, and celebrate our uniqueness and innovation through art and culture.

Provide Mobility Choices - to provide all with the choice to walk, cycle and use transit or active modes of transportation in all seasons, because it is convenient, connected, desirable and healthy.

Build and Maintain Infrastructure - to deliver infrastructure in a sustainable way.

Nurture "Villages" - to promote "village" main streets as destinations, not simply places to pass through.

Maintain a Safe City - to actively maintain Mississauga as the safest large city in Canada.

Create a Vibrant Downtown - to develop a vibrant downtown that will be the civic and cultural soul of the city, as well as a strong economic centre.



Direction Our Future Mississauga is a global hub of creative and innovative activity where talent and business thrive.

Principle Mississauga is a city that values a strong global business future, fostering a prosperous and sustainable economy that attracts and grows talent.

Strategic Goals

Develop Talent - to be an international destination rich in global and local talent, including post-secondary education, creative enterprise and foreign-trained professionals who can realize their potential.

Attract Innovative Business - to be a dynamic, urban environment that is the preferred location for innovative, creative and knowledge-based businesses and emerging industries.

Meet Employment Needs - to provide the infrastructure and network of services and opportunities that business requires to thrive.

Strengthen Arts and Culture - to foster arts and culture as a key contributor to attracting talent, providing quality of life and supporting creative businesses.

Create Partnerships for Innovation - to leverage opportunities with colleges, universities, centres of excellence, research institutions and cultural institutions to foster innovation.



Direction Our Future Mississauga is a city that co-exists in harmony with its ecosystems, where natural areas are enhanced, forests and valleys are protected, the waterfront connects people to Lake Ontario, and communities are nurtured so the future generations enjoy a clean, healthy lifestyle.

Principle Mississauga is a city that values its shared responsibility to leave a legacy of a clean and healthy natural environment.

Strategic Goals

Lead and Encourage Environmentally Responsible Approaches - to lead and promote the utilization of technologies and tactics to conserve energy and water, reduce emissions and waste, improve our air quality, and protect our natural environment.

Conserve, Enhance and Connect Natural Environments - to be responsible stewards of the land by conserving, enhancing and connecting natural environments.

Promote a Green Culture - to lead a change in behaviours to support a more responsible and sustainable approach to the environment, that will minimize our impact on the environment and contribute to reversing climate change.