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History introduction
  Reconnaissance, Inspiration, Vision, Direction and Plan  

In June 2007, Council initiated a project called Our Future Mississauga, and it was designed to be a conversation - the most comprehensive conversation ever held in the city. This civic conversation was divided into five phases, each building on and informing the next. The first three - Reconnaissance, Inspiration and Vision - captured the initiatives and innovative thinking already underway in Mississauga and gathered literally thousands more ideas. This led to phase four, Direction, where we distilled the common themes heard during the outreach and consultations into 18 Drivers for Change. These, in turn, formed the basis of phase five, Plan: creating a Vision for the city and updating our Strategic Plan.  A comprehensive Community Engagement and Directions Report, released in June 2008, summarizes the process.

Our Future Mississauga Milestones

Progress - How will we measure success?

The success of the Strategic Plan will be measured by the level of transformation and energy that we will be able to see, feel and hear all around our city.  When our Strategic Plan is realized we will be known as a location of destinations, with a variety of events and festivals supported by a vibrant downtown and a spectacular waterfront. It will be a location of choice for people who want to live, learn, work, play and visit. It will be a city where people choose to be!

Annual Progress Report - Our annual Progress Report will be delivered to Council and the community to help monitor progress and to keep the Plan on track. Progress Reports are an important part of our pledge to continue working closely with our community partners to ensure that their voices are heard and that we stay grounded in the key actions that support our goals.

How long will it take to realize the Strategic Plan?

Component Review Period Related Reviews
Strategic Plan Vision Every 40 years Official Plan
Strategic Pillars for Change Every 20 years Official Plan
Strategic Goals Every 10 years Official Plan
Action Plan & Progress Report Every year City Business Plan, Corporate Budget

To view and download the Strategic Plan, Action Plan, Progress Report or Executive Summaries, please use the Plan link in the main navigation on the left.

Use the link below to download a presentation explaining Mississauga's Strategic Planning Process, Strategic Plan and Action Plan. Please note: The presentation may be delivered in whole or in part. However, the presentation notes accompanying each slide must be referenced when presented. Additions, deletions or alterations to presentation slides are not permitted.

Our Future Mississauga: Conversation Documents

The Community Engagement and Directions report is a summary of all the 'conversations" we had during the Our Future Mississauga civic conversation. This report provided the direction for the new Strategic Plan. It was presented to General Committee of Council on June 11, 2008.

Archived Media: 2007 - 2009

Videos, reports & presentations, event photos & more from our archived website that started the conversation.

Background Documents: (All Adobe PDF files)