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Across Mississauga's urban forest we find trees that are young and old, crooked and straight, tall and wide. While these features make a tree unique, it's also about the neighbourhood they're in, the stories they tell and the history they hold.

Do you know of any old, large, interesting or unique tree on City property you think is worthy of the Significant Tree distinction? If so, we'd love to hear from you.

Significant Tree Programs have been developed over the last several years by many municipalities and counties throughout North America in response to the desire to recognize old/large and culturally significant trees in urban areas. The desire to preserve trees that have a history or a story to them has in many cases been the driving force of many municipalities. Though there are differences in presenting the information the premise for all programs is the same. Significant Tree programs allow for trees that are not the largest or the tallest (though that is also factored in) but trees that are rare or have a unique form to be included.

Mississauga's Significant Tree Program

The City of Mississauga has defined Significant Trees as a tree that is recognized because of its size, form, rarity of species, age, its association with a historical figure or event, and/or a tree that is distinctive in the community.

In January 2007, Mississauga's Heritage Advisory Committee presented to Council the recommendation to establish a Heritage Tree subcommittee aimed at investigating the feasibility of a Heritage Tree Program in Mississauga. It was discovered that as trees are not specifically designated under the Ontario Heritage Act (the entire property would have to be identified for a tree to be protected) it was determined that a Significant Tree Program would allow for the desired designation of these trees for the future.

Significant Trees Location Map Coming Soon!

Nominate a Tree

Anyone can nominate a tree for recognition, provided it is on City property, which, for example includes, parks, greenspaces or natural areas. A member of the Forestry Section will evaluate the tree and add it to the Significant Tree database if it meets the criteria.

When nominating, please provide as much information as possible to allow Forestry staff the ability to locate and properly evaluate the tree.

All trees that meet the criteria will be featured on this site and the nominee will receive a recognition certificate.

Nomination Criteria

The City of Mississauga has initiated a Significant Tree program. Significant Trees can include any tree that has historical significance, a unique form, is rare in Mississauga or has extraordinary height/diameter. We are inviting residents of Mississauga to nominate any tree on City property that you feel is significant.

Significant tree features may include:

• age • cultural value
• size • unique history
• unusual shape • rarity
• unique species • prominent community landmark
• form • associated with local folklore or traditions

You can nominate a tree located on City of Mississauga property and public lands which includes for example streets, parks, community centres or conservation lands. Nominated trees will be evaluated by a certified arborist, and if criteria are met, they will be included in the program.

Trees that are included will be added to the Significant Tree database and will be viewed on the City's webpage. Nominees will also receive a letter of recognition.

Nomination Form

When nominating a tree please provide as much information as possible about the history of the tree or site. Please specify where the tree can be found (providing links to maps and pictures is appreciated). Note: All fields are required.

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