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Lakeview Waterfront, Mississauga

The Lakeview Planning Area

Inspiration Lakeview is a planning project initiated in 2010 by The City of Mississauga. Working with residents living in Lakeview, the process will attempt to reclaim a significant part of the Mississauga waterfront through a visionary concept plan.

Lakeview: A Diverse & Eclectic History>/h1>

From early native tribes to French and English settlements to Canada’s first airport and a weapons factory employing mostly women, the Lakeview area’s history is one to be reflected upon, cherished and revered. With each shift in its composition, the Lakeview area continued to develop and change to reflect the needs of its community. The evolution of Lakeview is rich in history, charm and issues.

Lakeview: Can We Do This?

The Lakeview planning district is our waterfront

Yes. While much of the land in the Lakeview planning district is owned by the Province of Ontario, we have the right, and the responsibility, to say how we would like our waterfront to be developed. It just makes sense. Now that the coal-fired power plant is no longer there, we have the opportunity, the means and the duty to educate ourselves and our provincial leaders about the enormous opportunity the Lakeview lands provide us. The time is now.

What's Lakeview all about?

The Lakeview area is Mississauga’s waterfront treasure along the southern shores of our great city. For years, the Lakeview area waterfront has been off limits to the community due to the restrictions of the Ontario Power Generation's coal-fired generating station. With the demolition of the four stacks, known by many as the "Four Sisters," this part of the waterfront is ready for a new vision for a remarkable and sustainable, mixed-use development at the Lakeview waterfront.

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