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Community Engagement

What is community engagement?

Community engagement is about involving the community who will be affected by a decision in the decision-making process. The purpose of engagement is to create an opportunity for the community to propose ideas and come up with solutions on matters like the future of the waterfront, transit or a neighbourhood park.

You can engage with the community through a variety of methods such as conducting surveys or holding workshops or meetings. Whatever method you use, try to make it easy for the community to participate, and include diverse voices to make the process as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Meaningful community engagement will:

  • Strengthen the transparency and accountability of project outcomes

  • Ensure participants’ time is used efficiently and effectively

  • Improve the decision-making process for each project

  • Increase the likelihood of a positive project conclusion

  • Ensure good value for time and money

Planning an engagement event or meeting

We’ve put together some suggested, free templates and resources you may consider to help you plan your next engagement.

Free templates


Our Community Engagement Strategy

The City uses Our Community Engagement Strategy to work with the public to help shape the future of Mississauga. You can use this strategy to help create your own engagement plan, or contact us for more information.

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