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Our Future Mississauga

Executive Summary

The process of building a great city is never finished and neither is the process to create strategic change. The success of the Strategic Plan will be measured by the level of transformation and energy that we will be able to see, feel and hear all around us.

Each year we will publish an Executive Summary as a companion to the Progress Report. Download the Executive Summary for a snapshot of the strategic change occurring across Mississauga.

Achieving the Plan - Progress Report

Within the Strategic Plan, each Strategic Pillar for Change is connected to specific action items which will propel the plan forward. These key action items include key indicators, targets, actions and funding options for each Pillar. The Strategic Plan will come alive through the work that is created through these key actions.

The Progress Report is an annual report on the activities, projects and plans that are bringing the Strategic Plan to life. Download current and archived versions of the Progress Report using the links below.

Our Future Mississauga Strategic Plan - incorporates your ideas, dreams, and vision of the great possibilities in our city's future in these areas that matter most to you.

This document will help guide decision-making, set priorities and focus the City's efforts on those specific areas of strategic change that will make our Vision for Our Future Mississauga a reality.

City Council is committed to making Mississauga the city in which you can continue to be proud to live and work. But Council and City staff can't do it alone. We're counting on you - our residents, community and business leaders, partners and stakeholders. Take an active part in helping our City achieve our bold new strategic vision by continuing to participate in our City's strategic initiatives as they move forward.

The Plan will ensure we make the right choices as we continue to build our community by expanding our transit system, creating walkable neighbourhoods, developing innovative live-work neighbourhoods and building great public spaces - the kind of sustainable, exciting urban environment our residents say they want.

The Action Plan is meant to be fluid, a work in progress. These actions reflect our best thinking today. Some require additional research before we commit to implementing them, and we need to do more work to identify detailed targets. As we continue the conversation with our community while implementing the Plan, we'll monitor all the actions and may modify some.

It's important to note that the actions aren't 'one size fits all.' Our neighbourhoods are distinctive, so not every action will apply to every area. As well, some actions will be 'quick wins'; others are more challenging, and require a longer time horizon to plan, fund and execute. Some actions we can do alone; others require us to partner in new and innovative ways, with other organizations, levels of government and institutions.

This Plan captures the collective ideas of the community. All of our stakeholders will have numerous opportunities to continue to be part of the process, take on an action they feel passionate about, and help make it happen.